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September 2022


Preparing for Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2022 

We recognize October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). It is a time to celebrate the leadership and strengths of survivors and advocates, mourn relatives lost from domestic violence, and connect with community members to speak our truths that will help to end domestic violence. Violence against Indigenous women, including domestic violence/intimate partner violence, continues at staggering rates, as is the lack of safe housing for those seeking shelter from abuse. Read our joint statement with STTARS Indigenous Safe Housing Center. Prepare Domestic Violence Awareness Month by:

    October 1 Tillie Black Bear Women Are Sacred Virtual Healing Camp Sessions

    In honor of Tillie Black Bear, Wa Wokiye Win (Woman Who Helps Everyone) Women Are Sacred Day (10/1) and inspired by healing camps that Tillie organized on behalf of survivors of sexual assault, throughout the month of October, NIWRC is offering a virtual healing camp for survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, and advocates. We invite everyone to join, participate and share widely as we center support and healing with and for survivors and advocates.

    NEW WEBINAR! Restoring the Integrity and Status of Women as Sacred: An Advocate Panel Discussion

    This webinar provides an opportunity to challenge each other to think about how colonized thinking, and subsequent internalized oppression impacts us as advocates. How can our Indigenous beliefs inform our advocacy? What does it mean to re-Indigenize our relationships with survivors and the way we do advocacy? This conversation will help us examine if our practices are consistent with our Indigenous beliefs and life ways, and how to make positive change. This supports our work restoring the integrity and status of women as sacred. Register today.

    Apply by September 30 for On-Site Technical Assistance 

    Each year, NIWRC issues a call for applications for On-Site Technical Assistance. The application submission deadline is September 30, 2022. The primary goal is to strengthen the development of programs, policies and procedures, strategies, and practices through approaches that are survivor-centered, culturally based, and trauma/healing-informed. Given the ongoing challenges of the Covid pandemic, we can provide technical assistance virtually and will observe precautions during any in-person On-Site. Apply today.

    We Are Hiring! Join Our Team

    The NIWRC provides national leadership to end violence against American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian women by lifting the collective voices of grassroots advocates and offering culturally grounded resources, technical assistance and training, and policy development to strengthen Tribal sovereignty. 

    • Director of Communications and Advancement, Full-Time (Remote)

      • To apply, please complete and submit an employment application, a resume with three references, a cover letter, and two writing examples. Although not required, if you have a communications portfolio, please submit additional materials for review. Submit all documents to Lucy Simpson, Executive Director, at careers@niwrc.org. Open until filled.

    For more information, please visit our Careers page.

    Request Housing Training and Technical Assistance

    The STTARS Indigenous Safe Housing Center offers culturally rooted technical assistance and training, policy development, and Indigenous-centered resource materials to support Tribes, and Tribal programs, address the intersection of domestic violence and housing instability, and create meaningful social change within communities. Request technical and training assistance and sign-up for the STTARS mailing list.

    In the News

    Funding Opportunities

    • U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women 
    • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families
    • The Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, Office on Violence Against Women, and Office of Community Oriented Policing Services

    Policy Updates

    List of Upcoming Events

    • Tillie Black Bear Women Are Sacred Day. (Oct. 1)
    • Session 1: Purification Ceremony through the Sweathouse/lodge presented by Lila Kills In Sight. (Oct. 4)
    • Session 2: Exercise and Healthy Diet presented by Connie Brushbreaker and Marc Marshall. (Oct. 5)
    • Session 3: Healing Through Songs and Dances presented by Roxanne Sazue and Violet Mousseau. (Oct. 7)
    • Session 4: Healing through the Arts presented by Connie Brushbreaker (Oct. 11)
    • Webinar - Restoring the Integrity and Status of Women as Sacred: An Advocate Panel Discussion. (Oct. 12)
    • Session 5: Healing together: Talking Circles presented by Carmen O’Leary (Oct. 13)
    • DVAM Twitter Storm. (Oct. 13)
    • Session 6: Energy Work presented by Alexsis Colombe. (Oct. 14)
    • Session 7: Voices of Native Youth: More Than That presented by Rosebud Brushbreaker. (Oct. 18)
    • Session 8: Laughter is Medicine presented by Ernie Tsosie (Oct. 19)
    • Purple Thursday. (Oct. 20)
    • Session 9: Walking/Running in Wellness presented by Marlin Mousseau. (Oct. 20)
    • Session 10: Part 1: Talking Sticks to Help with Survivors’ Healing. (Oct. 25)
    • Session 11: Implementing a Self-Care/Wellness Staff Schedule presented by Nicole Matthews. (Oct. 26)
    • Session 10: Part 2: Talking Sticks to Help with Survivors’ Healing. (Oct. 27)


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