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June 2022



Join Us TODAY: Conversation With The Field 

In this Conversation with the Field (CWTF), the NIWRC policy team cordially invites you to have a focused discussion about the direct correlation of land and sacred sites with the safety of Indigenous women and culture as a protective factor, with guest speaker Rose “Loke” Pettigrew. The CTWF will also include important discussions around creating an action plan highlighting the concrete steps you plan to take to support Indigenous communities into the future. Register today.




Join us for Upcoming FVPSA Office Hours on July 15

For any Tribes, Tribal programs, or Tribal organizations who are recipients of the FVPSA ARP Support for Survivors of DV and Sexual Assault from Culturally Specific Populations grant award, please join us on July, 15 2022, at 10:00 a.m. MDT for open office hours to address questions about this award. The FVPSA program and NIWRC are joining to help offer some ideas for utilizing this ARP grant and considerations for spending the funds. Please share this information with other staff in your agency who assist with administering your FVPSA funds (ex. finance staff, monitoring staff, etc.). For any questions or assistance, please contact Brenda Hill, NIWRC Director of Technical Assistance and Training, at bhill@niwrc.org, or Gwendolyn Packard, NIWRC Senior Housing Specialist, at gpackard@niwrc.org. Join via Zoom




NIWRC Concerned With Recent SCOTUS Rulings

The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center is extremely concerned with the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta, as well as in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization resulting in an overturn of Roe v. Wade. The SCOTUS rulings show a lack of consideration for Native voices expressed through two amici briefs we filed with the Court. In Castro-Huerta, for the first time in United States history, states now have the authority to exercise criminal jurisdiction over crimes committed against Native victims on tribal lands, dismissing the sovereignty of Tribes.

Despite these setbacks, NIWRC remains dedicated to protecting the rights of Native survivors of gender-based violence and that of Tribal sovereignty. Donate today and forward this to a friend to encourage them to receive action alerts and news.




DEADLINE AUGUST 5 to Sign Amicus Brief in Brackeen v. Haaland

NIWRC is requesting signatories from organizations and/or non-profits whose mission is to end or eliminate domestic violence and/or sexual assault against Native women and children. In addition to legal arguments, the amicus brief would also focus on how the placement of Native children in state-run foster homes leaves them vulnerable to other crimes such as sex trafficking, as well as the high rates of abuse Native children face in state-run foster homes. Learn more and add your organization’s signature today!




NEW WEBINAR: Partnering for Justice: Role of Advocates Within Law Enforcement Response July 20

This webinar will focus on basic best practices for advocates and domestic violence programs working with Tribal law enforcement in Indian Country. Building knowledge and networking within these systems is essential to increasing the safety of Native women and their children and other relatives experiencing intimate partner violence. This webinar will also provide steppingstones and basic foundations to working with relatives who are navigating through law enforcement systems in our communities and how we as advocates can help. Click here to register. 



Join Us for our Webinar on Tribal Consultation on VAWA 2013

Participation in this annual, nation-to-nation consultation on August 3, is critically important for tribal leaders to dialogue with government officials about solutions and strategies to address issues related to violence against Native women. We hope that you will join our webinar to review outstanding or emerging issues to address the most serious roadblocks to the safety of Native women and how you can voice your concerns and provide recommendations to increase accountability and enhance the safety of Native women. Register today.




Join Our Team!

The NIWRC provides national leadership to end violence against American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian women by lifting up the collective voices of grassroots advocates and offering culturally grounded resources, technical assistance and training, and policy development to strengthen tribal sovereignty. Apply today:

  • IT Assistant, Full-Time (Remote)

    • To apply, please complete and submit an employment application, a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to Tang Cheam, IT Director, at careers@niwrc.org. Open until filled. 
  • Human Resources Manager, Full-Time (Remote)

    • To apply, please complete and submit an employment application, a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to careers@niwrc.org, addressed to: Lucy Simpson, Executive Director, and Lora Helman, Director of Business Services. Open until filled.




STTARS Indigenous Safe Housing Center Offers Training and Technical Assistance

The STTARS Indigenous Safe Housing Center offers culturally-rooted technical assistance and training, policy development, and Indigenous-centered resource materials to support Tribes, Tribal programs, to address the intersection of domestic violence and housing instability, and to create meaningful social change within communities. Request technical and training assistance here. Sign-up for the STTARS mailing list.




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Funding Opportunities

  • U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women 

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families

  • The Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, Office on Violence Against Women, and Office of Community Oriented Policing Services


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